A look at the importance of first impressions

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A look at the importance of first impressions

It only takes a few seconds for someone to evaluate you.

Importance of Business Etiquette | schwenkreis.com

When you meet new people and enter into new relationships, what do you notice? Do you notice the clothes they wear in different settings?

New Launch & First Impressions: Lixir by Colette Haydon | DETAIL ORIENTED BEAUTY In the business world, good business etiquette means that you act professionally and exercise proper manners when engaging with others in your profession.
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Do you notice the first email they send you? Do you notice the amount of time it takes them to respond to your first email or phone call? The fact is, you intuitively notice many things that, when combined together, form your opinion of them.

I learned early in my career that there is no other impression you can make on someone more important than the first impression.

As a Realtor there were countless little first impressions I focused on making that, when combined together, made me stand out from my competitors. When I broke down all the actions I could take to make a positive first impression, my list was long.

Here are a few I always focused on: I rang the doorbell at the exact time of the appointment. I dressed in a suit and tie, looking my best. I offered a friendly greeting along with a welcoming smile. I intentionally showed an interest in the unique things people had in their homes, including their pets and children.

I focused on making equal eye contact with both the husband and wife.

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I left a professional marketing book, highlighting my services for them to review between appointments. I sent a hand-written, thank-you note after my initial appointment. In my phone conversations, I spoke with a smile and a friendly tone. Every little thing I did during the entire sales process created a first impression on a prospective client.

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From the car I was driving to the way I handled myself in the follow up call, everything was a first impression. It is the same philosophy that has allowed me to excel in my various endeavors.

I want to challenge you to start being aware of all the little first impressions you are making on people. Remember, these tiny impressions when combined together form your personal brand, ultimately influencing every part of your life.

Let me encourage you to make a list of all the first impressions you are making on the people who are important in helping you achieve your goal. To give you a headstart, here is a list of ten.How to Better Manage First Impressions. We’ve all heard about the importance of first impressions and how hard it is to change them later.

In fact, research tells us it only takes the duration of an eye blink to size up another person in .

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A look at the importance of first impressions

From business meetings to social events to first dates to job interviews, we all encounter new people every day. Our ability to read body cues and convey the right first impression drives the success and .

People make snap judgements. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different.

A look at the importance of first impressions

It takes about Serato DJ Pro General Discussion Denon MCx First Impressions after 3 hrs of use. Aug 09,  · Fashion Stylist Lindsey Shores with husband Jared Shores, a producer for BYU TV I’ve written about the importance of visual social media for growing a .

Importance of Business Etiquette | schwenkreis.com