Burnol reviving strategy

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Burnol reviving strategy

Indra Nooyi, chairman and chief executive officer, has diligently tried to transform the company from a purveyor of sugar-laden bubbly beverages and salty snacks, into one that has healthier and more wholesome offerings.

But performance has — pardon the pun — fizzled. Shares of PepsiCo have barely budged during her six-year tenure, while the stock price of rival Coca-Cola has nearly doubled in that time.

Perhaps most embarrassing for the once stalwart competitor in the cola wars, its flagship brand, Pepsi, no longer claims second place in market share of the carbonated soft drink market. InDiet Coke took over the number two spot and has remained there. Earlier this month, the company announced management changes intended to restore their confidence in the company: To increase market share and revive earnings, experts suggest, she needs to spend more money on marketing top beverage brands — a move that is already in the works — and to put the right people in charge of those divisions.

Burnol reviving strategy

Nooyi also must do a better job of managing Wall Street expectations and courting institutional investors who care about sustainability and will give her more time and leeway to achieve her goals. Seeing a bleak future for fast food, she pushed the company to make some bold moves: InPepsiCo created a spin-off firm now called Yum!

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InForbes magazine ranked her the 11th most powerful woman in business. Through senior level appointments and internal initiatives, she has pursued her cause. She enlisted Derek Yach, a former World Health Organization official, as senior vice president of global health and agricultural policy.

InPepsiCo rolled out compostable bags made from biodegradable plant material for one of its chip brands. The bags were eventually scrapped because customers thought they were too noisy.

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The company has reduced the fat, and taken out some of the sugar in many of its mainstream products, and it has added whole grains, fruits and vegetables to some of its snacks. InPepsiCo acquired a majority stake in Russian dairy Wimm-Bill-Dann to give it more of a presence in yogurts and grain-enriched dairy products.

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Burnol reviving strategy

For instance, Markdown is designed to be easier to write and read for . In many ways, Nooyi’s strategy is aligned with the times. With 34% of adults in the U.S.

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