Cable modems vs digital subscriber lines

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Cable modems vs digital subscriber lines

Transferred my Spectrum internet service in April when I moved from my apartment. They told me at the time I would be getting the new customer discount as a loyalty incentive. May internet bill shows no reduction.

Your account shows null status. Let me transfer you to billing" 30 minutes later Billing: Let me transfer you to sales" 15 minutes later Sales: Now can I just have you repeat your name and birthdate so I can start the order? Brighthouse was what i had here in west central fla.

Spectrum bought them out. Digtial transfer jul 30th. All hell broke loose.

DSL and Cable Modem Networks

They fried there own They fried there own equipment modem I went and got a replacement Now my own router fairly decent midrange AC compiant speed wise and guess what keeps getting looked out with my settings. Got off with tech attitude when he noticed it was not theirs. Everybodys favorite land China.

Do you really think a quailty dual band router. From what i read here. Satellite or maybe 2 soup cans and a string. Also look at there spec pages. Wonder about only there equipment only. So maybe no more of self installation.

Cable modems vs digital subscriber lines

I cant go 30 minutes without it disconnecting and ruining any tv show, video game, or movie. Since spectrum is a monopoly in my area they can basically leave me without internet. This is hurting my business and my spouses ability to work from home. I have been fighting with Spectrum for the last 5 months.

Meanwhile it ignores maintenance of its system throughout the South and Midwest.Modems, DSL, and Multiplexing CSa Chris Pollett Feb 19, Outline Digital Subscriber Line • To compete with cable broadband and with satellite transmission speeds, the phone companies needed a new approach to sending a signal over the local loop.

• So digital subscriber lines (DSL) were developed, the most common of these being.

What Is Cable Internet Connection?

A modem (modulator–demodulator) is a network hardware device that modulates one or more carrier wave signals to encode digital information for transmission and demodulates signals to decode the transmitted information.

The goal is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded to reproduce the original digital data. Modems can be . When you compare the latency of cable and DSL, a Digital Subscriber Line is more ideal for applications such as gaming, VoIP, and viewing videos since it tends .

DSLAM Definition: A DSLAM, or Digital-Subscriber-Line-Access-Multiplexer, is a network distribution device that aggregates individual subscriber lines into a high-capacity uplink.

These high capacity uplinks, either ATM or Gigabit Ethernet, connect subscribers to their Internet service providers (ISPs). cable modem: A modem designed to operate over cable TV lines.; broadband: A type of data transmission in which a single medium (wire) can carry several channels at once.; xDSL: Refers collectively to all types of digital subscriber lines, the two main categories being ADSL and SDSL.

ISP: Short for Internet Service Provider, a company that . A Digital Subscriber Line makes use of the current copper infrastructure to supply broadband services.


A DSL requires two modems, one at the phone companies end and one at the subscribers end. The use of the term modem is not entirely correct because technically a DSL modem does not do modualtion.

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