Critical success factors of vodafone

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Critical success factors of vodafone

By Valeria Maltoni 1 minute Read Since last week was national customer service week hat tip to Toby BloombergI thought of writing a top ten list of customer service success factors. You are fixing the problem — you connect your customer with someone who can help.

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You know the value of each customer — and you are aware that positive word of mouth has tremendous value as well. You see customer service as an investment, not a cost — you put the best people in customer-facing positions.

You empower your customer service reps — you trust that they will make the decision that is best for your customers. Your whole company is in customer service — you realize that just like everyone is in PR, so are they vested in the customer experience.

Critical success factors of vodafone

You keep your brand promises — you know that customer service is one of the few direct ways in which customers experience your brand. Your product is improved on the basis of customer feedback.

You are on top of any problems that may arise — you are proactive, open and honest with your customers about products and services. You listen to your customer service reps — they are the customer advocates, the voice of the public inside your organization. Customer service is your business best bet.

It is a critical success factor for long term growth.This event marked the launch of a new report by The Harvard Kennedy School's CSR Initiative (CSRI) and Business Fights Poverty: “Sustaining and Scaling the Impact of Enterprise Development Programmes”, which draws on SABMiller’s experience.

Delivering on our strategic objectives Vodafone Group Plc Annual Report For the year ended 31 March Risk Factors, Seasonality and Outlook” for a discussion of the risks associated with 30 Critical Accounting Estimates 33 Key Performance Indicators.

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