Essays on powerlifting

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Essays on powerlifting

The Sport of Powerlifting In any sport, many things are needed to achieve. The sport that asks a person to literally go beyond what they can do is powerlifting. To do this, a person has to know the sport called powerlifting.

Essays on powerlifting

He or she must learn to adapt a new way of physical and mental training, breathing, and way of life. Powerlifting is an invigorating sport of strength, power, and speed.

Unlike most sports, powerlifting gets at the heart of the most basic of all athletic qualities-strength. Over the years before the first competition, odd-lift competitions were put on.

Essay title: The Sport of Powerlifting

Some of the odd-lifts were the bench press, chin-ups, deadlift, curls, squats, and push-ups Hatfield 5. At first, the 3 main lifts to get a total were the bench press, curl, and squat.

A year after the first powerlifting competition, the IPF International Powerlifting Federation was born and now represents over forty nations from all over the globe Hatfield 7. Your total weight lifted is determined on your best lift in the bench press, squat, and deadlift. He or she has to just be good overall in each lift.

Just as every other sport, it had to start somewhere and powerlifting has a few rules that imply, as well. To start, with the bench, a competitor must lower the bar to his or her chest.

Also, he or she can not bounce the bar off their chest Hatfield On to the squat press rules, the competitor must squat down with their legs parallel to the floor and must have no stopping of motion on the way up. The side judges and head judge will determine if the powerlifter was parallel or not Hatfield Final rules, ending with the deadlift.

The lifter must walk up to the bar, squat down, grab the bar, keeping his or her back straight. Then, he or she must lock out their knees and make their back erect.

The Sport of Powerlifting Essays

Finally, the head judge will say down once all motion has stopped. Disqualification will occur if the competitor shrugs his or her shoulders, does not lock out their knees and stand erect, or if their feet move or come off the platform Hatfield First off, we start with Eugene Sandow who is known as an early strongman and the first actual bodybuilder.

Eugene sculpted his body to look exactly like the Greek God sculptures by famous artists; even imitating their poses. He was a strongman on stage shows put on by Florenz Ziegfeld Anderson 1. Sandow put on strength performances, some of which included him walking across the stage with a pound pony held over his head in only one arm, with his neck and shoulders supporting the length of the specimen!

Eugene could also raise a pound barbell over his head with just one arm. A spectacular display of strength and gymnastics was shown by Eugene doing a back somersault off the ground, holding pound dumbbells in each hand Anderson 2. Another early legend was George Hackenschmidt. He too, could raise a barbell over his head with just one arm, except this barbell weighed pounds!

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are very similar but also have a lot of differences, They both involve lifting weights but they are different sports. Bodybuilders focus mostly on building muscles and lose fat and getting into a good shape but powerlifters usually don't care about being in a good. Weightlifting is a sport based on the lifting of a series of progressively heavier metal weights, which are generally encased in rubber. Participants engage in the sport for competitive or recreational purposes/5(3). Since 98 powerlifting injuries occurred during this time, the rate of injury was injuries per 1, hours training. The researchers found that the low back was the most commonly-injured area.

Also, in a body bridge, supported on his neck and feet only, George could bench press pounds for repetitions Nardo Hackenschmidt was known substantially for his thick, muscularity and as a professional wrestler who won over matches without a loss.

Here are some from this great sport.

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Hatfield made history throughout the sport of powerlifting, being known best as the first man to squat over 1, pounds in a competition. He achieved 1, at a bodyweight of pounds American Strength Legends 2. He did this at the age of 45, as well.

Even more so, he could bench press pounds and deadlift pounds.Powerlifting is an invigorating sport of strength, power, and speed. Unlike most sports, powerlifting gets at the heart of the most basic of all athletic qualities-strength.

Over the years before the first competition, odd-lift competitions were put on/5(1). Home Essays Weight Lifting Weight Lifting Topics: Muscle, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 2 ( words) Published: December 12, Why People Lift.

People begin lifting weight for many reasons. Some begin lifting in an attempt to "get fit" or lose weight, others begin lifting to enhance sports performance, or just to be stronger.

Many begin lifting weight in an attempt to gain sex appeal or self confidence. Find more powerlifting articles and videos at The Sport of Powerlifting Essays: Over , The Sport of Powerlifting Essays, The Sport of Powerlifting Term Papers, The Sport of Powerlifting Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Essays on powerlifting
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