Joan baez 60s project

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Joan baez 60s project

We have more and more rabbit holes we have fallen down to cover, but this all needs to get behind us first since it interfered already with the completion of the Disney Interconnected Bloodline that is now back up and continuing. So, its hard doing this by yourself financially, so any help will allow us to continue with this mission.

Thanks in advance for all you have done in the past to support us, we appreciate it. Our jewelry has not sold because the tourist season is horrible this summer so far. No rain, and no tourists.

I am praying that will change when the fourth gets here and will hopefully cover our August 1 bills. I will report on the status of our legal situation as it unfolds.

Joan baez 60s project

So far, so good, but much longer to go yet. Court is schedule for next wed which is the 27th and that will be a big nexus. Its why I must hire an attorney and hopefully kill this thing.

Joan baez 60s project

Then I won't need him or her again. This is up as a result of another rabbithole, where I found this looking for something entirely unrelated.

Whistle Down The Wind

I grew up to Joan Baez music and that of her live in boy friend, Bob Dylan so this is a shock to me. This is so sad. This is what we have to look forward to if these satanist animals get to globalize and retain complete power over all.

There is no doubt this must be fought to the bitter end. No way should our children be subjected to this abuse. It would be nice if we had a way to determine that prior to running for office or holding any public venue.

When you read her lyrics you will find so much that we have covered on here in our research on satanism and the occult, that it will leave no doubt in your mind that she was a victim of it. Just the first stanza which talks about reverse and that was what John Todd told us who ran Zodiac productions.

They would put satanic brainwashing messages on the records after the song was recorded and they would then be played by the public. Joan Baez country singer was brave enough to write about her ritual abuse.

And I got no place to run Let the night begin there's a pop of skin And the sudden rush of scarlet There's a little boy riding on a goat's head And a little girl playing the harlot There's a sacrifice in an empty church Of sweet li'l baby Rose And a man in a mask from Mexico Is peeling off my clothes I've seen them light the candles I've heard them bang the drum And I've cried Mama, I'm cold as ice!

And I got no place to run So I'm paying for protection Smoking out the truth.Social Activism Sound Recording Project: Anti-Vietnam War Protests in the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond: April 15, Spring Mobilization to . GANGSTAGRASS is a dirty fightin', gator wrestlin', foot stompin' bluegrass-hip-hop project of Brooklyn based producer Rench, who has spent the last decade making gritty, soulful country hip-hop music that you will actually like.

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Like he did in the ยด60s, Noel Paul Stookey sings out in troubling times.

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