Scots language writing activities

Purposes of WTL Activities Make learners think actively about the materials, and thus help students retain the material better; Serve as classroom assessment: Class Implementation At the beginning of the class: Students spend five minutes at the beginning of class writing a note to a student real or fictional who missed the previous class.

Scots language writing activities

Read them in conjunction with our guide to Poetry and Curriculum for Excellence. Classroom Resources After the pre-lims If there are clear or muddy areas to work on with students between now and the exams, our resources can help. Plus, you can book a workshop with us tailored to your class's needs.

We are very grateful to Hodder Gibson for permission to publish extracts from the book which contains additional assessment tasks.

scots language writing activities

We are grateful to Jane for making them available. You can visit the archive by appointment with our Librarianbut the easiest way to start is with a virtual visit to our resources-packed Edwin Morgan Archive site.

So here are a few relevant links. Poetry by heart Are you preparing pupils for a poetry recital or just interested in finding out more about why, how and what memorising poetry is all about?

Download Remember, remember our resource sheet. Poems, anthologies, lesson plans, whole projects with rich cross-curricular opportunities, all aiming to inspire and support the teaching of poetry. Poetry and Curriculum for Excellence Download our guide to Poetry and Curriculum for Excellence for some helpful thoughts about the use of poetry in English, literacy and across the curriculum, and see how readily poetry can help to meet a wide range of Experiences and Outcomes.

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Use this document alongside all our teaching resources and ideas, to remind you of all the learning opportunites that poetry can provide. Whatever your level of experience, there's something here for you!Download some of the individual chapters on the righthand side of this page - full of useful ideas, activities and advice for reading poetry, playing with language, writing poetry, performing and presenting poetry and simply exploring and enjoying poetry in .

ESL Activities, Games and Worksheets. contains over 1, editable PDF worksheets, ESL games and activities to help you teach all the core skills associated with language learning: speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar as well as specialized subjects such as Business English.

Closure of the Scuilwab.

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The Scuilwab was for many years Scottish Language Dictionaries’ interactive website in Scots for children and young people. It was latterly maintained by Elaine Webster, SLD’s Outreach and Education Officer. Following Elaine’s retirement in March and the subsequent appointment by the Scots Language .

The Scots language developed during the Middle English period as a distinct entity. From such eighteenth-century activities grew Scottish Standard English. After the Acts of Union in the emerging Scottish form of Standard English replaced Scots for most formal writing in Scotland.

Scots Language Education is an invaluable resource for learning about the Scots language.

scots language writing activities

These materials were originally developed by Matthew Fitt for Learning and Teaching Scotland and hosted latterly by Education Scotland. Language Arts – Writing Part 1 Time — 30 minutes 19 Questions GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.

GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE Read quickly through the draft feature article in the box below. Then go to the spread-out version and consider the suggestions for revision.

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