Writing a news report bbc sports

Writing one word per cell will enable students to calculate how long it will take them to read aloud, based on the average speed of a professional journalist - three words a second.

Writing a news report bbc sports

Anchor - The newscaster who hosts the studio portion of the newscast. The anchor is the dominant voice in the presentation of the news to the audience. AP Wire - Associated Press news service that supplies international, national and regional information and stories. These are almost always rewritten before airing.

Back timing - A convenient way of counting down the length of a newscast. This tells you when each story must run in order for your newscast to end on time.

Beats — specific public institutions or areas of concern for which specific reporters in a newsroom are responsible watching. A good beat check would be comprised of the sheriff's offices, fire department, local police, state highway patrol, DNR, local hospitals, and other government agencies that routinely handle breaking stories.

Break — place designated within broadcast programming during which commercials run. Cue — usually a physical signal by engineer or other technical person indicting to anchor to perform a task start reading, wrap up, go to break.

Cue Up - Putting a sound bite, package, wrap, voicer, or other recorded material at its beginning. Dub - to make a recording of a recording.

Edit - To condense or revise material. Engineer — Technical personnel who can both operate, maintain and repair equipment. Feedback - An ear-splitting squeal or howl caused when sound from a loudspeaker is picked up by a microphone and reamplified.

Feedback can also happen when the output for a given tape deck or other device is fed back into its own input. Mostly considered light hearted. Headlines — A kind of "tease" read at the beginning of a newscast.

The kicker can also be used to end a newscast. Lead story aka Lead — first story in a newscast or segment in broadcasting or a story that is above the fold in print-this considered the most important news story of the day. Outcue — usually the last thing a reporter says in either a live or recorded news story i.

PKG indicating the piece is ending. Can also work with reporters in the field planning and gathering information for stories. Pronouncer - Phonetic spelling of a difficult word or name i.

writing a news report bbc sports

This information is used in determining how much station will charge advertising for commercial time. Rundown -aka; Lineup - A chronological outline or order of stories or segments to be used in a newscast.

This is the producer's blueprint for the newscast. Running Time - Refers either to the estimated time or the actual time of a newscast.

Satellite feed — can be either news or programming feed that is generated from a distant remote location and transmitted via a satellite.

Very often live interviews with news makers or other news people are conducted this way. For instance, the sound of protesters is played underneath the reporter's in-studio story concerning the opening of a nuclear plant.

Spots aka Commercials — individual commercials that run during breaks. Spot News — An unexpected event that can be covered in various ways Story Tag — Closing to a story package, live shot, or on-set piece usually read by the story report but can also be read by an anchor. EZ News — the newsroom computer software.

Natural Sound - aka Nat Sound, Nat S-O-T, or Ambient Sound - Background voices, music, machinery, waterfalls, and other environmental sounds that are recorded on-scene and used to create a sound bed for a recorded or live report.

Primarily used for setting a mood or providing atmosphere for a report.

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This technique is frequently overused, but when used properly it adds immeasurably to a story. Nielsen — service primarily used in determining television ratings. On-Set Appearance — Reporter appears on set and is introduced by a news anchor.

Package PKG - A report from a correspondent that contains a sound bite inserted between the introduction and the epilogue usually inserted after the reporter's second or third sentence. These need an in-studio lead for the anchor. Sound bite SOT - edited slice of a newsmaker speaking.

Similar to actuality in radio except the person can be seen.

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Often several SOT can be spliced together with the edits cover with video.The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

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Print a news story from the BBC News or CBBC Newsround websites using the Printable version function at the top of the page. Cut up the story into sections, two or three paragraphs in each section, or individual sentences if you wish to make the task more difficult.

writing a news report bbc sports
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